Sandy Simonian hand-crafts contemporary fine jewelry designs inspired by her exotic travels.  In her designs, she uses organic elements and objects she discovers along the way.


Sandy is inspired by antique textiles, primitive clothing and color combinations as found in an old Indian sari or a beaded African tribal necklace. Her personal textile collection includes vintage hand-stitched textiles from indigenous tribes of Asia, India and Central America.


Sandy travels to far reaching exotic places like Sri Lanka and the Maldives Islands where the vibrant colors of nature are her inspiration: the aqua tones of the Indian Ocean, the beauty of the lotus flower, pristine white sand, a beautiful sunrise, and the intricate patterns of exotic animals.  These are the tones that she chooses in semi-precious gems ~ tourmaline, aquamarine, iolite and amazonite.

Her interest in culture, early civilizations, and indigenous societies inspire her to use ancient beads, fossilized ivory, stone and shell to create her one-of-a-kind collection.  She says, "It delights me to know people are wearing a piece of history."  Her jewerly is a true reflection of her advenuresome nature to unveil, design and hand construct beautiful and unique art treasures.